If you are running Health & Safety Xpert 2015 and want to get the latest version of Health & Safety Xpert you will need to upgrade online or call our Accounts Management Team on 0117 916 7892.

Support for Health & Safety Xpert 2015 ended 1st December 2018

Health & Safety Xpert 2015 Build 5.3.0 - Released 1st December 2015

  • Improved process for saving Risk Assessments,COSHH Assessments & Method Statements to the library for use in other projects
  • Update to HS00: Construction Phase Health & Safety Plan - Replaced High Inflammable and Liquefied Petroleum Gas Regulations 1982 & Petroleum Spirit [Plastic Container] Regulations 1982 with The Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations2002 (DSEAR)
  • Fire and hospital contact details now print out correctly on HS00: Construction Phase Health & Safety Plan
  • Project cover sheet now shows docs HS33 - HS36
  • Move to top/bottom buttons added to the document mapping screens in Tools > Options

Health & Safety Xpert 2015 Build 5.2.3 - Released 9th October 2015

  • Fixed issues with importing jobs from EstimatorXpress on computers running 64-bit operating systems

Health & Safety Xpert 2015 Build 5.2.0 - Released 5th October 2015

  • Compatibility with Office 2016
  • New button on the Main Menu to access Online Health & Safety Training material
  • New reference document included 'Construction Phase Plan (CDM 2015) - What you need to know as a busy builder'
  • Fixed issue detecting the location of OneDrive on Windows 10 computers

Health & Safety Xpert 2015 Build 5.1.9 - Released 11th May 2015

  • Fixed issue with the default documents that are automatically added to new projects

Health & Safety Xpert 2015 Build 5.1.7 - Released 7th April 2015

  • Backup & restore data files process - If you have Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive or Google Drive installed then you will be able to select one of these as the location of the backup
  • Software defaults now to showing tabs across multiple rows if they do not all fit on screen. This behaviour can be changed by going to Tools > Options > Other > Multi Row Tabs 
  • On the Project Details tab Start date, Project Description, CDM Coordinator, Environment Agency & Local Authority no longer appear. Designer has now become Principal Designer 
  • For new projects the F10 tab is gone. If you open an old project the tab will still be there as it was in previous versions but with a note saying that after 31 March 2015 you need to submit F10’s online 
  • A new tab for Health & Safety File has been added 
  • Updated User Interface 
  • You can now delete custom saved paragraphs 
  • Files will now saved with .hsxp (Health & Safety Project) file extension 
  • Health & Safety Xpert 2015 is capable of opening and saving old projects with .hsx4 & .hsx5 file extensions 
  • You will be able to save an .hsx4 file to the new .hsxp format, but you cannot save a .hsxp file back to an older format
  • On board Help has been updated with all new screenshots, new topics, and updated text.
  • Other bug fixes

New docs, all of these will be automatically added to all new projects:

  • HS33: Health & Safety File NEW  
  • HS34: Domestic client responsibilities NEW  
  • HS35: Contractors Responsibilities for Domestic Clients under CDM 2015 NEW 
  • HS36: Breach of Health & Safety Procedures NEW 

Amended docs:

  • CA31: Petroleum Spirit  
  • RA03: Construction of Site Offices _ Compound (incl_ Welfare)  
  • RA08: Excavations 
  • RA51 Chainsaws 
  • RA53: Demolition  
  • MS00: Method Statement Template  
  • MS01: Industrial Unit Roofing – EXAMPLE  
  • MS02: Brick Paving in Pedestrian area – EXAMPLE 
  • MS03: Confined Space - EXAMPLE 
  • HS00: Construction Phase Health & Safety Plan  
  • HS02: COSHH Assessment Request  
  • HS08-01: Asbestos Work Permit 
  • HS08-02: Working At Heights Work Permit  
  • HS08-03: Confined Space Work Permit 
  • HS08-04: Electrical Work Permit 
  • HS08-05: Excavation Work Permit  
  • HS08-06: Hot-Works Work Permit 
  • HS15: Excavation Inspection  
  • HS24: Site Inspection Checklist  
  • HS25: Site Audit  
  • HS27: Company Health & Safety Policy 
  • HS29: Pre Construction Information  
  • HS31: Construction Design and Management (CDM) Regulations 2015 – Client, principal designer, designer, principal contractor and contractor duties