If you are running Health & Safety Xpert 2018 and want to get the latest version of Health & Safety Xpert you will need to upgrade online or call our Accounts Management Team on 0117 916 7892.

Support for Health & Safety Xpert 2018 ended 28th March 2021

Health & Safety Xpert Build 6.5.6 - Released 28th March 2018

  • 10 new Toolbox Talks
    • TT63: Overhead services
    • TT64: Safety signs
    • TT65: Slingers and signalers
    • TT66: Temporary works
    • TT67: Trees and hedgerows
    • TT68: Woodworking machines
    • TT69: Working on scaffolds
    • TT70: Company health and safety policies
    • TT71: Fragile roofs
    • TT72: Invasive plants
  • HS27: Company Health & Safety Policy has been updated for the Management of Stress and racial harassment
  • Risk Assessment RA121: Stress and mental health has been updated for the Management of Stress and racial harassment
  • Updated sample project - 'The Paddocks'

Health & Safety Xpert 2018 Build 6.4.4 - Released 5th December 2017

  • Fixed issue with user created paragraphs for Method Statements being deleted from the library when running Health & Safety Xpert 2018 for the first time.

Health & Safety Xpert 2018 Build 6.4.3 - Released 20th November 2017

  • New Toolbox Talks documents
    • 62 new toolbox talks documents added to the software.
    • New Toolbox Talk tab on the main screen to manage the toolbox talks with your project.
    • Save your own Toolbox Talks to the library for use in other projects.
  • Document publish status tracking. Last Published and Publish Status columns are now visble on the print/export screen.
  • When printing/exporting a cover sheet for the project there are now 3 options to choose from. All project documents, selected and already published documents or just the selected documents.
  • Risk Assessment Assessor
    • New Default Risk Assessor added to the Project Details tab.
    • All Risk Assessments will use this person unless you specifically set the assessor within an individual Risk Assessment.
    • New category available within the address book to assign people to the role of a Risk Assessor.
  • New blank Method Statements are now blank.
  • Save paragraphs and set them as defaults available on Method Statements.
  • Updates to the omments on RA53: Demolition.
  • Date format in document headers and footers will match Windows regional settings
  • General formatting improvements to all output documents (table alignments, removing extra empty lines, borders in table cells...)
  • New useful link: How to implement the HSE “Plan. Do. Check. Act” approach with Health & Safety Xpert"
  • New useful link: HSE Asbestos essentials (HSG210)
  • Memory management improvements when exportig multiple documents - up to 500 documents tested in 1 go.
  • Fixed Preferences button on printer settings dialog not working.
  • Fixed table alingment when exporting Risk Assessments to .doc format.
  • Fixed textbox sizes on the printouts of Work Permits and Accident Report.
  • Fixed error on closing options dialog when main window is maximized.
  • Fixed some screens not applying font size correctly.