If you have tried to open EstimatorXpress and have had excel crash while EstimatorXpress is at 30%, then you have two options.

The latest EstimatorXpress update contains a resolution to this issue and can be found here:

EstimatorXpress Updates

These are the manual instructions will guide you through resolving this issue.

Firstly, you will need to open Excel and go to a Blank Workbook:

Close any attempted saves:

Click File:

Click Options:

Then click on Trust Center, then Trust Center Settings:

Go to the Trusted Locations section, then Click Add New Location:

Then type the following into the location:


If you have an older EstimatorXpress installed, the path could be either:




If you can see your Program Data path, you can check first, if not, you can do so by the selecting the View tab in Explorer and clicking "Hidden Items".

Once the path has been typed in and confirmed, tick the box for "Subfolders of this location are also trusted". 

It should now look like this:

Click OK to exit each screen, Close Excel, then re-open EstimatorXpress.

If issues persist, please contact the support team.