Change the default save location for projects

When you create a new project in Health & Safety Xpert 2015 the files will be saved to a default location.

You can double check what your current default location is by opening Health & Safety Xpert 2015 and clicking Tools > Options...

In the Options window, click Folders under the General section on the left.

The default folder path is listed in the box labelled 'Startup Folder'. You can change the default save location by clicking the small folder icon to the right. You might, for example, want to change the default location to be in your Dropbox or OneDrive folder so that your projects are automatically backed up.

In this example, I have created a new folder in my OneDrive called 'My Health & Safety Projects'.

Select the folder you wish to save your new Health & Safety Xpert projects to and click OK, then click OK to close the Options window. Your default save location has now been changed.

Change the save location for documents

When you print a document, Health & Safety Xpert saves a copy of the document, you can change the save location for documents when printing\previewing.

When printing there is a box labelled 'Output Folder:'. This displays the current folder where the files will be saved.

You can click the folder icon to the right to select a different save location for this document in the same way you changed the save location in the Options window. The new location will be used for all other documents you print from this project unless you change the location again.