When you first install Health & Safety Xpert the default logo used is the Health & Safety Xpert logo, you will most likely want to change this to your own company logo.

You can change the default logo by opening Health & Safety Xpert and clicking on Tools > Options...

You will then see the Options window.

Click on Logos under the Output Documents section.

Click the small button to the right of the hsx logo, this will display the Open window.

Locate your jpg, bmp or gif logo file. For this example, we are using the HBXL logo.

Click on the logo file to select it and then click Open.

Click OK, all new projects will now use the newly selected logo.

If you have already created a project and you want to change the logo first open the project. Then click on Tools > Options... again.

Then click on Logos under the Output Documents section.

As you can see, the main logo is showing the logo we just selected but the project is using the logo that was the main logo when the project was created. To update the project logo to be the same as the main logo, right-click on the current project logo and then click Update.

You will then see that the project logo matches the main logo and all documents will use the new logo.