Consultancy is assistance with your software which is bespoke to YOUR business. Conveniently a consultancy day can be held in your home or office.

Rather than training customers along a defined course, the consultancy service aim is to provide more specific assistance in areas you may be struggling with or things you need setting up in your software. You’re in control. In simple terms, we helicopter our Senior Technical Trainer Simon Wild in to your office for the day, to become one of your team.

This option is available to all EstimatorXpress and PlansXpress users.

Been trained before? This is different.

Even if you’ve been trained before (perhaps Group Training) you’ll find these 1 day consultancy sessions invaluable.

The session starts with Simon, tuning up your software – make sure it’s running as it should be and install updates and upgrades.

If you’re an EstimatorXpress owner perhaps you feel it doesn’t cater for all the things you want to price up? Often it’s a simple case of someone running through the relevant workbooks (estimating calculators) to show you that it does what you need it to or we can help you design your own calculators for works that you may specialise in using the EstimatorXpress PowerPack. Maybe you have an urgent estimate which needs doing, and Simon can come to you and help you speed through it.

Maybe if you have PlansXpress you would like help with complex rooflines or help with the 3D render – or perhaps creating elevations or sections? Or maybe you don’t know how to modify the lines or know what a reference point is. Or maybe you have a plan you need for a project ASAP and we can help draft the plan for you…

By the end of the day you’ll feel more confident and coping with some seriously heavy duty drawing or estimating.

A 1-2-1 session costs from £499+VAT per day, plus expenses.

To book or for more info, call our Training Account Manager Nikolay on 0117 916 7891.