You might have noticed that when you create a new estimate you can choose a pre-selected group of workbooks to use, for example there are groups for House, Renovation and Extension.

You can create your own group of workbooks to help speed up estimating.

To view the current groups of workbooks click on My Settings then My Grouped Workbooks.

You should now be viewing the Library of Grouped Workbooks.

You can use the scrollbar at the bottom of the screen to scroll right and view all the groups. Scroll across until you come to the Decorating group of workbooks. 

We are going to create a new group of workbooks to cover an estimate involving Plastering and Decorating. Single click on the Plastering column then click the Copy Column button.

You will now be prompted to name the new group. Enter the new name as Plastering and Decorating then click OK.

Our new group of workbooks should now be showing to the right of the Plastering group of workbooks. The next thing we need to do is add the missing decorating workbooks to our group.

To add workbooks first single click on the last workbook in the group, in this case Cleaning. Then from the top menu click the Add Workbook button.

This will open the Add Workbooks window.   Scroll down the list of workbooks until you get to the Decoration type workbooks.

Then tick the workbooks you want to add and Click Select.

You will now see these workbooks have been added to our new group.

If you want to remove a workbook, single click the workbook and then click the Erase Workbook button from the top menu.

It's possible to change the order of the workbooks, to do this single click on the group column then click Sort Workbooks. The Workbook Order window will pop up.

To move a workbook, single click the workbook to select it then click Move Up or Move Down to change it's position in the list.

When you are happy with the new group click Close to return to My Settings. Your new group of workbooks will be available to you the next time you create an estimate.

John Rees