Where does EstimatorXpress save my jobs?

When you save an EstimatorXpress job for the first time, either by clicking Save or closing down the job, the Save As dialog box opens up and allows you to choose a location to save your job in. By default, EstimatorXpress will save your job in the folder you used last. This is a function of Microsoft Windows and can mean that jobs are inadvertently saved in random locations if you don’t check the location before saving.   

To check where a job has previously been saved, go to the Jobs screen and scroll across until you can see the File Location column. The File Location column shows the file extension of each job. Right-click on the file extension of any job and click Show in File Explorer to open the folder where the job is saved.

It’s important to note that if a job is moved from its file location, the software cannot locate and open it. If you need to move a job to a new file location, you will need to import the job into the software using the Import Job button on the Jobs Screen. This re-establishes the link between EstimatorXpress and the file location.

Setting up a cloud storage account

If your jobs are saved locally (i.e., on your machine), they are at risk if your computer fails. To keep your job files safe and readily accessible, we recommend saving them to a cloud-based storage service such as Microsoft OneDrive or Google Drive. It only takes a few minutes to set up an account and you may already have access to one of these services. 

Microsoft OneDrive


OneDrive is built into Windows 10 and 11 so you’ll be able to access it from your computer if you’re running Windows 10 or 11. Open Windows Explorer and you’ll see a link to OneDrive in the tree structure on the left-hand panel. Click OneDrive and follow the steps to set up or sign into your OneDrive account. This is a quick solution if only one user needs to access the EstimatorXpress jobs.

Google Drive


If you have an Android phone or Google/YouTube account, you will already have a Google Drive account. Follow the link above and sign in using your Google account. 

If you need to share EstimatorXpress jobs between multiple users, all users will need to be able to access the same shared folder on the cloud. Perhaps the simplest way of doing this is to set up a company Google Drive which all users can sign into to access the EstimatorXpress jobs. 

Saving your files on the cloud

Once your EstimatorXpress jobs are saved on the cloud, if your computer fails, you can reinstall EstimatorXpress on a different machine with the help of our Customer Care Team and import the jobs into your new installation. No job data will be lost.

When you create a new job, ensure you select the cloud-based storage location (OneDrive, Google Drive etc.) as the save location when you first save your job. Here we’ve created a separate folder for EstimatorXpress Jobs within OneDrive:

Changing the save location of a job

You can also move existing jobs to a safer cloud-based location. To move a job to a new location, open the job in EstimatorXpress and then click the Save As button at the top of the screen. Navigate to your cloud-based storage location (OneDrive, Google Drive etc.) and save your job in this location.