In Health & Safety Xpert 2016 we have made some major improvements to how you can review documents, and how you can then use them via printing or creating electronic copies.

If you are familiar with older versions of Health & Safety Xpert you will be used to clicking on the Print button to either print a document, or to open up the document in Microsoft Word for you to edit or save.  Instead of just having the Print button we have now added a Preview button, and an Export button.

The Preview button now allows you to check and review a document before you print or export it without having to send the document to Microsoft Word - this makes the process much quicker

The Print button now prints directly to your printer

The Export button will now create your documents and save them in a format of your choice such as Word format, PDF, Open Office format or Rich Text.  This means there is no longer any requirement for you to have Microsoft Word to create documents when using Health & Safety Xpert.

This video here shows you how to make use of these options: